Fees that we collect from patients receiving services are the largest source of income for Primary Health Solutions and will probably remain so. We also have a small but loyal base of like-minded organizations (such as our local hospitals, the United Way, and various other organizations) and private donors who contribute. Our grant-writing and fundraising efforts are on-going all year and we are always increasing our efforts in this arena.

If you are looking for a worthwhile, local organization to get involved with and contribute to, look no further. Primary Health Solutions changes the lives of our patients. We help make people healthy and perhaps more importantly, we empower them.

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Help us spread the word to your friends and family.

Primary Health Solutions' health centers are safety-net health and dental care providers for Butler County. What this means is that we turn no one away. It doesn’t matter if someone is uninsured, underinsured, broke, or has other extenuating circumstances. We will treat them, make sure that they receive quality care, and ensure that they get access to other services they may need. And we do all of this at a price or on a payment plan that they can afford (our fees are on a sliding-fee scale based on income).

We are essentially the only safety-net that many residents can turn to in this area. There are over 30,000+ uninsured individuals in Butler County and another 44,000+ on Medicaid. There are only a handful of doctors in private practice in this area accepting new Medicaid patients and none accepting uninsured patients. Many families still utilize the Emergency Department at their local hospital as their primary source of health care, even for things as minor as the common cold. They don’t do this because they want to or because they are irresponsible people. They do this because they feel they have no other choice.

Fortunately, the hospitals are not their only choice. Our health centers are here for them and for anyone who may want to use our services. When those without insurance and those of limited financial means use our health centers, everyone benefits.
Here is a break-down of just some of the ways that our health centers help the entire community:

  • We take pressure off of local hospitals
  • We cut down on overcrowding and long wait times in emergency departments so that they can handle real emergencies in a timely fashion
  • We help reduce health care costs by cutting down on the number of medical bills that go unpaid to hospitals and traditional doctors
  • When families have an affordable health care option they can spend their money on other things their family needs, like groceries, the electric bill, etc. instead of on astronomical doctor’s bills
  • Because we are affordable patients are less likely to wait until an illness has become serious to seek treatment, thus keeping costs lower and helping to ensure that they don’t have to take time off work. This helps families stay employed and boosts the local economy  
  • By giving people the power to take charge of their health and their financial destiny we give them the power to better their lives and contribute more in general to the community in which they live

The bottom line is that there are thousands who need our help in Butler County and the harsh reality is that Primary Health Solutions cannot reach even a portion of them without the help of other caring citizens in the form of donations, gifts, letters of support, and volunteer time.

Will you be a helping hand for a Butler County family who needs you?

There are many more ways in which health centers touch the lives of our patients and the members of the communities in which they live. For a more in-depth look at the impact of community health centers, you can request a Primary Health Solutions informational packet by contacting us directly.