"The individuals that work at the school based health center are outstanding. They are great with our kids...we want them to feel as though they are a part of our school community, because if we all work together, we can achieve our common goal."    July 2016 

— Former Superintendent, Paul Otten - Fairfield City Schools

Primary Health Solutions is a leading Federally Qualified Community Health Center located in Butler County, Ohio. We service approximately 18,000 patients in Butler County as well as Warren and Clinton counties. We are a mission driven organization providing care to all members of the communities we serve. PHS is a nationally recognized NCQA Level III patient centered medical home providing the highest quality of care to the patients within our network. PHS also provides integrated care including, pre-natal, pediatrics, family medicine, internal medicine, infectious disease, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy and WIC services.

— Primary Health Solutions

'Proud to be a part of an organization committed to improving the overall health and wellness of our patients, our staff, and our communities.'

— Angela Fugate

Recently a foster mom took custody of a child with special nutritional needs.  He was on Pediasure.  She was able to sign up for services from WIC and later on she had reported, "that if it had not been for the help of our WIC Program she doesn't know how she would have afforded his formula."  He is doing very well now!

— Foster Parent

School-Based Health Center

It’s hard to believe that more than 90 days have passed since we held the dedication of our School-Based Health Center in January.  Since then, over 600 patients, including Fairfield students, families and staff members have taken advantage of all that the center has to offer.  Transportation is now in place to get students to the center during the school day, which has had a positive impact on students and families.  Over the past few weeks, approximately 15-20 students per week are being driven to the center during the school day in order to meet their medical, dental, vision, and mental health needs.  Recently, a 12 year old student visited the Health Center for a well check, where it was discovered that this young man is a Type I diabetic.  Through the center, this student was able to receive potentially life-saving care.  The School-Based Health Center continues to live up to the vision of lifting barriers of all kinds for Fairfield students and community members.  May 2016

— Paul Otten, Superintendent - Fairfield City Schools

I go to the Middletown office and always find the staff very delightful to deal with and depending on who you are seeing, the wait times can vary. Just changed docs and finally getting some things addressed that I had been asking about for the past year. All docs are different. But really enjoy Dr.Greene. Sometimes NP's can be a little more up to date than regular doc's and he's on the ball. :) The dentistry there is great as well. Both my kids have gone there and had no issues. So keep up the good work Middletown!!

— Debi from Middletown

Recently, after being seen at the local hospital, a very upset dental patient called in need of an emergency dental appointment  stating, 'I can't take the pain anymore.'   They were originally seen on our Mobile Dental Van, but due to their blood pressure being elevated, the procedure could not be preformed.  In talking with our Dental Coordinator, she was able calm the them down and assist them with understanding how they needed to get their blood pressure lowered so that the procedure to be done.  During their conversation it was brought to her attention that the patient was uninsured, in which she was able to direct him to our Outreach and Enrollment Counselor to assist him with insurance information.  The patient was grateful for the information they received from both our Dental Coordinator and Outreach and Enrollment Counselor in the fact that they stated, 'someone cared enough about them to help get them through a very painful situation and provide options for treatment and cost.' 

— Anonymous - Dental Patient

"I spent many years at the dentist during my youth (wearing braces, having fillings and going to regular exams). I was familiar and not afraid.  As an adult, I had a horrible experience with a procedure that resulted in weeks of pain and having an extraction.  I was not comfortable going to a dentist from then on.  I purposely avoided any dental visits. Fortunately, my early years of learning how to take care of my teeth kept me from having serious problems.  Recently, I chipped a tooth and knew that I needed to be seen.  On Monday, March 21st, I visited Primary Health Solutions Mobile Dental Unit.  I was immediately put at ease by the staff as I told them my fears.  The fears were addressed and discussed.  The staff genuinely cared.  Dr. Lisa Marion explained everything that she needed to do and made recommendations for my next appointment.  She did not rush and was extremely thorough. As an adult and having a fear of the dentist can be embarrassing and result in not going for your regular exams. Thank you to the entire staff at PHS for caring about each patient and providing quality care."

Christine Birhanzl
Development Director
Sojourner Recovery Services


— Christine Birhanzl