10 Tips to Overcome the Winter Blues

Posted on: January 28, 2020
Tags: Behavioral Health, Primary Health Solutions
Winter Blues

Contributor(s): Tyler Adams, Angela Jeffrey


Some people dread the winter months, me being one of those people.  The cold weather and shorter days can really take a number on our mental/emotional health.  It can be hard to overcome the winter blues when it doesn’t seem like the end of winter is anywhere in site.  Living in Ohio, winter is inevitable and unfortunately can’t be escaped without a plane ticket or long road trip.  So, while it’s here what can we do to fight the winter blues?  Behaviorist, Angela Jeffery, LPC, NCC, at our Middletown Health center has 10 tips to get us through till spring emerges.


Staying sane in the short dark days of winter can be challenging. Here are a few things that help me.


  1. A good book, Tedtalk, or podcast. Learning is inspiring.
  2. Plan a vacation. I have detailed plans of vacations that I may never go on, but anticipation is a powerful thing, so making plans can really help to re-instill the sense of hope that winter can tend to bleed out of us.
  3. Go out in the cold and take a hike. I know this one isn’t for everyone, but in my experience, when I go out into nature, I find some small beauty that changes my perspective on the weather.
  4. Do a puzzle while you binge watch your favorite show on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime or Disney +... you get what I’m saying.
  5. Create something! Look up a tutorial on cutting out six sided paper snowflakes or grab a canvas at dollar tree and let your inner creative out. Pinterest can be intimidating, but I am a firm believer that arts and crafts are therapeutic and the end result is not all that important. If you aren’t an artist, fail big, laughter is a good tool for getting through winter!
  6. Plan a family/friends game night. The after holiday lull can be discouraging, so find things to celebrate and plan a party.
  7. Actually, host the family/friends game night!
  8. Alleviate the guilt that you feel, because you always INTEND to send Christmas cards but NEVER send Christmas cards, by writing letters to people. (And then, of course, never mailing those out either.)
  9. Go to the post office and buy stamps in the good faith that you will actually send the letters.
  10. Lose the stamps and spend a few weeks looking for them. By the time you find them, it will probably be spring.


Tah-dah, you made it through winter.



We hope you try these tips! If you find yourself struggling mentally or emotionally, we have a number of providers on our Behavioral Health team that would love to come alongside you on your journey.  To learn more about our Behavioral Health Services give us a call at 513-454-1111 or 937-535-5060 or click HERE.