A #hashtag Defines A Movement

Posted on: December 21, 2017

Contributor(s): Cullen Quigley


Healthcare is a difficult subject to tackle on social media due its wide variety of services, patient demographics, and obstacles that come with insurance. However, despite this, Primary Health Solutions finds that your health can be represented through one simple tactic, using a hashtag.


The hashtag (#), or what older generations call the pound key, is an easy way of grouping subject matter together whether that be hobbies, interests, preferences, or even certain types of people. If you can think of a topic, there is definitely a hashtag for it somewhere. The word ‘hashtag’ derives primarily from the social media platform Twitter, which has amassed millions of hashtags over the years.


For Primary Health Solutions, we use these hashtags as a way to brand ourselves as a form of elevator pitch to potential patients. In three words or less, we are able to establish a community around who we represent and what we aim to accomplish.


In 2016, our organization started with #WeArePHS. It was short, easily digestible, and strong on PHS's team emphasis on team spirit. After expanding to multiple centers throughout Butler County, #WeArePHS was the perfect way for Primary Health Solutions to establish our organization in the community.


Our marketing and team-tailored messaging has been pleasantly successful leading our organization to change directions in what we broadcast. For our 2017 hashtag, we came up with #BestCareStartsHere. We want our patients to feel that Primary Health Solutions is home and we are ready to provide essential services the minute they walk through our doors. 

Throughout 2017, Primary Health Solutions saw tremendous growth and one key stepping-stone in our success was increased efforts found on social media. By connecting with the patients we serve, it opens up an entire new way of patient care. We’re excited to gear up for 2018 with our newly unveiled hashtag, #WhereYouAre.


The care doesn’t start anymore when you arrive to our center. It arrives to you immediately via smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. With our new mobile-friendly website and curated social presence, you’re connected to us when you need us.


Primary Health Solutions is positioned to utilize every asset we can to guarantee that the service begins wherever our patient is. This includes seeking medical records online, scheduling appointments digitally, or even coordinating care to come directly to your home.


Each year brings us an adventure and we’re eager to share that with you.


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