Fairfield Schools Opening State of the Art Health Care Facility

Contributor(s): PHS Editorial Staff, WKRC Cincinnati (Local 12)

The Fairfield City School District is home to over 10,000 students in desperate need of healthcare services. Primary Health Solutions has claimed the title of creating the first suburban, fully-integrated school-based health care center in the country now located at 211 Donald Drive Suite B in Fairfield. 

"The purpose of the center is to keep students in school and ready to learn. The best way to do that is to keep them healthy.  It's also a way to get the students the care they need without requiring parents to leave work and lose money," an article written by WKRC Cincinnati (Local 12) states. "For example when an organization like "One Sight" goes into the schools to perform vision tests, students who do no pass can then go to the health center for an exam. While there, if the technician sees the student hasn't had their vaccines, they can be referred to the medical side. If there is a problem with their teeth, the dental side."

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