Healthy Nutrition Catapults To PHS Priority

Posted on: July 30, 2018

Contributor(s): Renee Just, Cullen Quigley


In recent years, our patients have begun to focus on the health benefits that come with eating better and exercising. One key service that Primary Health Solutions provides is access to our certified dietitians giving every patient an opportunity to overcome health obstacles through education and proper nutrition.


However, not everyone has the transportation or financial access to healthier options creating an endless cycle of poor nutrition due to circumstance. Primary Health Solutions’ certified dietician Renee Just is turning the negative reality into a positive.


“I always try to create a safe space for patients to come and talk about what changes they need to make on their path to a healthier lifestyle,” Just said. “Patients can expect to think about their every day habits as they relate to food and what they can to do to make a positive change from unhealthy habits.”


Patients can call our main scheduling number, 513-454-1111 to be routed to leave a message and set up an appointment. Patients will then receive a returned call to schedule and confirm a set time for an upcoming appointment. For an alternative option, by calling 513-454-1100, patients are able to leave a voicemail directly.


“Everyone who works at PHS always has the patient’s best interests at heart. We all try to help patients get the resources they need to have a healthier lifestyle,” Just said. “We focus on physical health as well as mental health and look at the patient as a whole when treating them.”


It’s important to note that dieticians are available at every Primary Health Solutions location. Though our centers do not provide counseling or therapy, our dieticians can provide immediate referrals to make the transition to those services quick and integrated with the services we provide.


For the month of March, Primary Health Solutions is recognizing National Nutrition Month, a great way to learn how to incorporate healthier alternatives into our diets. We asked dietician Just the following question: Why is healthy nutrition and dietary plans important for patients, especially children or young adults?


“Healthy nutrition is something that everyone can focus on. Changing the patient’s eating habits can lessen the severity of many diseases. Healthy habits are best established at a young age so that it becomes a normal part of their life,” Just says. “Making healthy food choices like increasing fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean means, and healthy fats, can help fuel their bodies in the best way possible.”