How Will The New Head Start Partnership Work?


Contributor(s): Tyler Adams


We recently announced the new partnership with the Butler County ESC and Head Start program.  This partnership will allow Head Start to transport students to and from their appointments during regular class hours.  This will reduce barriers for families who may otherwise struggle getting their children the care they need, due to transportation issues.

Parents will fill out consent forms for their child to be treated for medical, dental, vision, and behavioral health services.  Parents can elect for all of these services or select individual ones for treatment.  The consent form will also give permission for a designated Head Start employee to transport the student to and from appointments during designated class hours. Students will be transported to the Primary Health Solutions health center nearest the Head Start center.

Parents and guardians looking to utilize this program can give us a call at 513-454-1111 to schedule appointments.  Parents and guardians can also connect with your child’s Head Start Program’s teachers and staff for more information.


Consent Forms for the program can be found by clicking this link 

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