June Is Men's Health Month

Posted on: June 1, 2018

Contributor(s): Cullen Quigley


It’s time to bring out your blue clothing in celebration of Men’s Health Month. Primary Health Solutions encourages men, boys, and their families to recognize and detect preventable health problems.


Did you know? Men die at higher rates than women when it comes from 9 of the top 10 causes of American death. These include heart disease, cancer, physical injuries, stroke, suicide, and HIV/AIDS. Typically, women have longer life expectancies and there are many reasons for this.


To start, women typically go to the doctor annually and when needed if a problem is found. Men on the other hand are known culturally to ignore symptoms and frequently refuse a doctors visit unless dire. This can lead to more serious consequences and further non-diagnosis.


Also, one of the most frequent silent killers is prostate cancer affecting millions of men each year. The detection is quite simple by method of a DRE test (digital rectum exam) and a PSA (prostate specific antigen) test. While many men shy away from potential issues in the anal or digestive track, health complications can arise.


With age come recommendations such as to get a colonoscopy for colon cancer. While it may not be suggested until age 50 for routine visits, it’s never a poor idea to have one sooner if necessary or for peace of mind.


Primary Health Solutions boasts excellent providers to work with our male patients and address any worries or concerns. The sooner our male patients get into an annual visit routine, the better their health outcomes will be.


Looking to see how you can contribute to Men’s Health Month? Go here: