Meet Our Call Center's Budding Author, L.C. Beck

Posted on: December 21, 2017
"BRD Finds A Home" - L.C. Beck

Contributor(s): Cullen Quigley, Lynn Beck


From a garage-ridden transcript to a vibrant publication, Primary Health Solutions’ own Lynn Beck is finally bringing her dream to fruition 10 years later in her recently released children’s book, “BRD Finds A Home”.


It was a normal day in 2006 when Beck faced the unfortunate reality of being fatigued in her job desperately in need of a creative outlet. With an ample amount of down time, Beck was inspired to write about her ‘Big Red Dude’ cat, Copperfield.


“My book is about a twenty-plus-pound orange kitty that I adopted as a little baby at the performance of Cats downtown at the Aronoff Center,” Beck said. “Nobody wanted him and you know, within one day, one evening you might say, he went from having zero to having his wishes fulfilled.”


Based on Copperfield’s life, readers are introduced to his new home and family. The book is the first of what Beck hopes to be a trilogy. However, “BRD Finds A Home” almost didn’t materialize had Beck not come across the transcript while cleaning out her garage.


“This book sat in my garage for 10 years,” Beck said. “So, I got off my desk and found a publisher who would work with me. They don’t just print anything.”


Beck partnered with Christian Faith Publishers working extensively to get every detail just right, even down to the color of Copperfield’s fur. “I sent them all of the photos [of my cat]. They started tweaking on what they thought from the pictures. I would send them back, ‘No, no that’s not right’,” Beck said. “Going back and forth saying, ‘I don’t really like that. It’s not really his color.’ It took two or three back-and-fourths before I was satisfied.”


Despite Beck’s satisfaction with the final product, the colorful illustrations and printing came at a cost for the budding author. “I started [the book] in August of 2016 and received the [final copy] at the end of July 2017. It was a nine to ten month process,” Beck said. “See, when you’re a new author, you pay. I mean, I have to start recouping a little bit of what I invested.”


Currently, Beck is selling her children’s book on multiple selling-platforms hoping to gain traction as she introduces Copperfield to the world. When asked about the themes Beck hopes to spread to children, she said, “It’s a faith, friendship, love kind of book – I encourage that.”


Although she has had a long history of admiration for animals, Beck will always hold a special place in her heart for her cats: Yoda, Merlin, and Copperfield.


“They’re loyal, they’re loving, you couldn’t ask for anything more unconditional than an animal’s love,” Beck said.


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