Modern Day Slavery Exists in Butler County

Posted on: January 8, 2019

Contributor(s): Tyler Adams


In October 2018, Primary Health Solutions joined the YWCA, NarratusCreative, and Miami University Regionals in sponsoring Speaking Frankly About Human Sex-Trafficking.  This 3 day event was to bring awareness and action around the issue of human trafficking in Butler County.  The first night kicked off at the YWCA with an invitation only event for first responders and individuals working directly with victims of trafficking.  The next day community members, social service providers, and subject matter experts came together at Miami University Hamilton for a conversation about the vulnerabilities that lead to trafficking and its impact on the community.  Sunday, a community awareness service was held at Princeton Pike Church of God to begin engaging local churches in the conversation. 


One exciting outcome from this conference is the emergence of a working group focused to combat the issue of human trafficking in our community.  This working group, which begins meeting this month, will be comprised of educators, healthcare workers, community members, and others that will look at issues, trends, and potential solutions to the problem. 


As a community, we all play a role in the reduction of human trafficking.  How can you be involved?  Know the Indicators of trafficking and where to report suspicions of trafficking.  Warning signs include:


  • The appearance of being under the control of another
  • Individual’s movement is restricted
  • Individual’s demeanor changes; ex. change from outgoing to fearful, withdrawn
  • Appearance of bruises, burns, cuts or other visible signs of physical abuse
  • Individual appears submissive, tense, or anxious, and/or avoids eye contact
  • Is not in control of his/her identification, visa, or travel documents
  • Is not in control of finances/bank account
  • Lack of awareness of his/her location; ex. the city or state he/she is located
  • Lack of personal possessions
  • Evidence of people living at the establishment when unexpected, such as a restaurant or factory; ex. hot plates, mattresses, toiletries, clothing, etc.
  • Poor and unsanitary working conditions with a high volume of “employees”

Phone numbers to call if you suspect or identify trafficking:

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

The Salvation Army/End Slavery Cincinnati 24hr Hotline: 513-800-1863

Resources available in the community on the topic:

End Slavery Cincinnati

The Salvation Army

National Human Trafficking Hotline