Oxford To Open New Health Center

Contributor(s): PHS Editorial Staff


August 11th was truly an exciting day for PHS, it was filled with a Family Fun and Wellness Block Party, WIC's Farmer's Market Nutrition Program and a Signing Ceremony for the two new School Based Health Centers!

Representatives from the Hamilton and Fairfield schools were here along with funders and community leaders to show public support for the centers. These two centers have the possibility of reaching over 20,000 students and their families. The Hamilton school based health center will be located at Garf...ield School and will provide medical, vision and behavioral health services. Hamilton will also receive dental services via our Mission Dental Mobile Dental Van. Fairfield will be the first suburban school based health center in the nation providing vision, medical, behavioral health and will include a complete dental center.

If that was not enough good news we were also informed that PHS was awarded an New Access Point (NAP) grant to open a new Health Center in Oxford!  Read the Journal-News article now... Health Center in Oxford