PHS Announces New Collaboration with Head Start



Primary Health Solutions Announces New Collaboration with Head Start Programs 

Program Serves Preschool Aged Children in Butler and Preble Counties


HAMILTON - Primary Health Solutions opened their first school based health center in the Fairfield City Schools in 2016, and since that time the service line has rapidly expanded. Hamilton City Schools and Middletown City Schools have opened centers, and Edgewood School District is in the midst of construction for a site that is due to be open in early 2020. The centers have integrated medical, dental, vision and behavioral health services available to students, their families and school staff.


For school districts and other entities that are unable to host a center, a transportation model has been developed to link patients to existing health centers for treatment. One such arrangement has been made with Butler County Head Start. School-linked services for preschoolers will improve access to care for a young and vulnerable population.


With the consent of the guardian, children may be transported and treated at a nearby Primary Health Solutions location during Head Start class time. This treatment model will allow guardians who have transportation issues and other challenges such as work schedule conflicts, to secure health services for their children.


"Our job is to provide access to excellent healthcare services, eliminating barriers that families are challenged with every day." said Marc Bellisario, President & CEO of Primary Health Solutions. "Our goal is to improve the health of children in every community where we have a location, and beyond. School-linked services help us to do that."


Even though the arrangement just began this school year, success stories are already emerging. Sheri Davis, BSN, RN Health Supervisor for Butler County Head Start, Early Head Start & Preble County Head Start shared one such story. "We had a Mom who had taken her child to the emergency room. Due to the long wait and the fact that she had other children at home, she left against medical advice. Children Services was called, and were threatening to take action if mom did not have the child seen right away. The mother was in a panic and had no transportation. The mother reached out to us. Our team immediately called PHS (Primary Health Solutions) to set up a quick appointment. She then called Children Services with the appointment time and the fact that we were handling transportation. Thanks to our agreement with PHS, this child was seen quickly and children services did not have to take further action. The mother was very happy. Primary Health Solutions has proven time and time again that they truly care about the families in our programs, and that they are willing to think outside the box to ensure children receive the healthy start to education that they deserve."


PHS Is working with Head Start to establish services for preschoolers in Preble County as well, starting with dental care, which is the most urgent need for that community.



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