Summer Safety Tips

Posted on: July 23, 2018

Contributor(s): Cullen Quigley


Summer is an exciting time for families because it means summer vacations, warm weather, and plenty of outdoor activities. However, it’s important to recognize the safety risks that come with this active season.


Here is a quick list of 5 reminders to keep you safe this summer:


  1. Wear sunscreen – The sun may keep our days nice and warm however it also produces harmful radiation. Sunscreen provides essential protection to prevent risk of skin cancer, premature aging and skin spots, as well as sunburns.
  2. Put on your sunglasses – UV rays can be harmful to the eyes but with proper eyewear, you don’t need to worry.
  3. Water safety – Until a child knows how to swim, it’s important to never leave one unattended. Check your local pool to make sure the facilities are safe with a lifeguard on duty.
  4. Bugs do bite – Bug spray prevents mosquitos and tics but it’s important to also double check once inside to remove any unwanted critters from your clothing or skin.
  5. Hydrate – With hotter temperatures, it’s important to drink plenty of water and liquids with electrolytes to keep your energy levels going strong all day.


While we encourage fun in the sun, by implementing these 5 tips your child can have a happier and safer summer break! It will also save the parent a headache and trip to the ER as well.


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