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Posted on: September 24, 2018
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Contributor(s): Tyler Adams


Infant mortality is a devastating reality for many.  Across the country there are thousands of babies that never get to see their first birthday.  Sadly, Ohio is ranked among the worst states for infant mortality.  In 2016 the CDC reported Ohio as the 8th worst state with 7.4 deaths for every 1,000 live births.  The same year Ohio was also ranked worse than the national average for low birth weight and premature births.


Within Ohio, Butler County’s urban area of Hamilton, Middletown, and Fairfield ranks among the ten worst urban areas in the state for infant deaths.  It is also important to recognize that in Butler County, deaths are not equal across races – Black and Hispanic babies are dying nearly twice as often as White babies.


In order to combat the staggering rates of Infant Mortality in Butler County, in July of 2013, the Butler County Health Department was asked to join a new group called Ohio Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes.  The group includes nine other urban counties in Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health, and CityMatCH.  With this invitation, The Partnership to Reduce Infant Mortality (PRIM) was formed.  This partnership consists of over 150 community partners with the Lead Team being comprised of leaders from the Butler County Health Department, Primary Health Solutions, Butler County WIC, Butler County Educational Service Center, and the Butler County Family & Children First Council.


PRIM focuses on reducing infant mortality rates through specific projects and initiatives.  These include:

  • Centering Pregnancy: with two sites - Atrium Medical Center and Primary Health Solutions
  • Smoking Cessation: Envision Partnerships - Moms Quit for Two
  • Breastfeeding Support: Butler County Breastfeeding Coalition and Butler County WIC
  • Safe Sleep: Cribs for Kids (free Cribettes in partnership with 7 distribution sites)
  • Community Engagement: Transition from a grassroots-focused team to implementation-focused team
  • 2-1-1 Babylink (A United Way Collaborative) 24-7 hotline for referrals and resources related to pregnancy and infants 

Primary Health Solutions recognizes the importance of reducing Infant Mortality and supports the initiatives of PRIM and its partnering agencies. 


For more information on the PRIM Initiatives, view their website here:

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