What is School-based Health Care?


Contributor(s): Tyler Adams


Not long ago, the idea of a School-based Health Center in Butler County was unheard of until Primary Health Solutions opened the first.  In 2015, Fairfield City Schools and Hamilton City Schools both approved the creation of School-based Health Centers serving their districts with both centers opening in 2016.  The center at Fairfield became the first suburban full-service school-based health center to be fully operational in the country.     


School-based Health Centers offer a unique form of care by serving entire school districts with fully integrated dental, medical, vision, and behavioral health services all in one location.  These school districts provide transportation to students to and from the health center during the work day so parents aren’t missing work and loosing wages and so students aren’t missing as much classroom time.   These centers are also able to provide services to the school district staff and community at large.


School-based Health Centers are becoming more common as other districts see the impact.  Primary Health Solutions opened a School-based Health Center with Middletown City Schools at the end of 2018 and recently opened a new School-based Health Center with Edgewood City Schools.


In a school-based health model everyone wins.  Students win because they don’t have to travel to have medical attention, parents win because they aren’t having to miss out on wages to take their children to the doctor, employers win because their employees aren’t taking off work to take their kids to the doctor, and schools win by keeping kids in the classroom longer.


Since opening, these school-based centers are thriving, seeing thousands of patients annually improving the overall wellness of the communities served.  These centers aren’t just impacting the students we serve.  There is opportunity for other communities to be impacted as well as the Hamilton School-based Health Center was named a “peer advisor” by the Ohio Department of Education for other school districts wishing to open up centers on their campuses. 


These centers aren’t the only method to serving local schools.  PHS also provides School-linked Services at existing PHS Health Centers to the following school districts: Northridge Local Schools, New Miami Schools, Talawanda Local Schools, and Madison Local Schools.  As an organization, PHS is continuing to improve access to quality affordable healthcare, especially for students.


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