Winter Safety Tips

Posted on: December 25, 2018

Contributor(s): Tyler Adams


We’ve already experienced the first snowfall of the season and with that comes a special kind of joy and excitement among children.  We’re guessing your kids have been doing their “snow dance” rituals in the hopes that they would wake up to a school-cancelled winter wonderland.  As children head outside to enjoy all sorts of snow activities, there are some important steps to take to ensure your kids are safe from the winter elements.

  1. Wear sunscreen – Sunscreen isn’t just for the summer. It is important to wear during the winter months as well.  If the sun shining harmful UV rays can be omitted, regardless of the season.  I never thought to wear sunscreen in the winter months until one day I went home with blisters on my face after being outside for 8+ hours.  Sunscreen is key! 
  2. Wear sunglasses – The same goes for sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses will protect from harmful UV rays that can damage the eyes all year round.
  3. Bundle Up – Children get colder faster than adults and require more layers to stay warm. Several thin layers will fare much better than one or two bulky layers.  Don’t forget gloves or mittens, a hat, warm boots, and a scarf.
  4. Know the signs of frostbite and hypothermia – hypothermia occurs when the body’s temperature drops below normal range. Signs include shivering, slurred speech, and lethargy. If you suspect hypothermia, call 911 and work to get the child warm with warm blankets or clothes.  Frostbite is when the skin and outer tissue becomes frozen.  This is most commonly found in extremities such as fingers, toes, ears, etc. Symptoms include pale, grey, and blistered skin.  Children may also complain about their skin burning or it being numb.  If this occurs.  Place the frostbitten areas in warm (not hot) water to warm them.  A washcloth may also be used for the nose, ears, etc.  Don’t rub the areas as it may cause more damage.  If symptoms persist, call your doctor.

We want everyone to stay safe while enjoying the winter weather!  By following these tips you can avoid unnecessary injury and ensure everyone stays safe and well protected!

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