Michael Armentrout


MD - Family Practice

Michael J. Armentrout is a family doctor who sees patients at our Bever Medical Center in Hamilton.  Dr. Armentrout is originally from Hamilton, Ohio and is serving the community he grew up in. He obtained his bachelor’s degree (Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy) from the University of Cincinnati in 1971 and then went on to obtain his Medical Doctor degree from the Autonoma de Guadalajara in 1976.   

Dr. Armentrout is a Medical Review Officer who specializes in alcohol and drug testing who also specializes in Diabetes and Lipid disorders. 

He has worked at the Bever Medical Center since January of 2007.  Before coming to Hamilton he was the owner of Lindenwald Medical Associates, Inc. 

Dr. Armentrout felt the calling to become a doctor at a very young age and was heavily influenced by his own family doctor. He now aims to leave a positive impact on mankind and to relieve suffering. 

Outside of work, Michael works with his church as a Eucharistic Minister, a scriptural reader, and is a St. Vincent DePaul member who visits the sick and shut-ins. Dr. Armentrout is married, has a son, a daughter, and seven grandchildren.

Michael Armentrout