Margy Martindale


RD - Registered Dietitian

Margy is a Registered Dietitian with the WIC Program.  She is from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and received her Bachelor in Dietetics from Akron University.  She loves working with moms and children and the elderly.  In addition to her background working with the WIC Program, she has also worked in hospitals and in geriatric care. 

In her free time, she enjoys volunteering and has volunteered extensively with the Red Cross.  She was sent to work in the shelters after Katrina and also went to Florida in 2004 when the hurricanes hit.  She drove ERVs around to distribute food.  She says her volunteering with the Red Cross was a very rewarding experience. In recent years she has volunteered with various campaigns and helped register people to vote. 

She is proud to have raised 3 daughters as a single mom and now has 7 grandchildren.

Margy M