Donna Morhous


OD - Optometrist

Dr. Morhous graduated with a BA in Social Psychology and a BS in Theology and has practiced in both Missouri and Ohio since graduating from The Ohio State University.  She is a veteran of the US Air Force, where she served in the medical field as a dental laboratory technician and as a medical assistant prior to entering Optometry training. Having a special interest in children’s vision and the use of lenses for sensorimotor difficulties and binocular problems, she enjoys examining patients of all ages.  She has helped organize and traveled to Honduras, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Uganda on general mission trips and eyecare mission trips, as well as helping to organize a domestic trip here in Ohio in an underserved region.  She homeschooled her children, tutored and directed homeschool programs, and was involved in fostering for several years.  She resides in Lebanon with her family and is actively involved in her local church.