Anthony Ficarra


OD - Optometrist

Dr. Anthony Paul Ficarra graduated from State University of New York College of Optometry from which he completed his Fellowship in Learning Disabilities; and then served as a faculty member in the professional and graduate program. He also graduated from Northern Kentucky University and received his MPA degree. He has served as Chief of Pediatric Optometry and Binocular Vision at Nova Southeastern College of optometry. He is a fellow of the College of Optometry in Vision Development, and has done extensive research on vision, perception and learning disabilities.

Among the most cherished award he has gotten is the Florida Senator's Proclamation by Senators Silver and Webster, for year 2001:
-Recognizing the outstanding contribution of the Dr. Ficarra in improving the lives of children in Florida for service provided to 10,000 at risk children and in-need children that had a significant impact in the classroom, in the sports teams, improved FCAT scores, and decreased juvenile behavior problems. In addition, he specializes in pediatric evaluation, binocular vision and accommodative anomalies of vision, perceptual evaluations, as well as medical treatment of eye diseases and disorders.

Anthony Ficarra